Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Busy Busy All the Time

Hey Everybody!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, I have been taking some time trying to get everything together in our new place. Moving is so hard! But finally we are all settled in, I have a new job that I love and Alyssa has started her 2nd year of Pre-school! It is nice to finally get back to a normal routine!

First Day Of Pre-School 2014

I have been wanting to blog for a couple weeks now, but I started having trouble with my IPad which made it very difficult to blog. But I must say that Apple customer service is pretty amazing! My IPad stopped rotating and I googled it to try and figure out how to fix it and it did show me some steps to take to fix it, but it still wasn't rotating. So the next day I Live Chatted with an Apple representative they were so patient with me and so prompt to answer all my questions unfortunately, even after 39min. of Live Chatting they couldn't even get it to work. So I ended up going to the Apple store here in Columbus. Even thought I had to wait 1hr for an appointment it was a pretty good experience. They had 2 separate kid tables with IPads at them to keep children entertained. When I finally met with the apple expert she could not figure it out either, so she looked up my warranty and replaced my iPad completely free of charge! Wow! I am very impressed! Also, very satisfied because now I can blog!! Yay!!!

So I plan on blogging on a regular basis and actually have been thinking a lot about getting my own YouTube Channel! That is just a thought as of right now but what do you all think would you watch me?

I am also super siked that my book has been published for almost 2 weeks! I was catching up with some people from church and one woman said look at you now a published author. HaHa! I never have really thought of myself as a published author but I do have to say it made me feel pretty good! 

Have any of you bought/read my book please feel free to tell me what you thought/think of it!!

Until next time ya'll have a good one! Man it feels good to blog again! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fear Of The Unknown

So...a couple months back I actually wrote a book!! I was involved in a Facebook Group called 31 Days To Write Your eBook But I have been so scared of publishing it because I think it's funny and I like it but what if others don't like it or think it's funny! I have been sitting on it for months just thinking about it reading it over and over again! 

Finally I did it people! Last night I stayed up until 2am, I read my book one last time and made final adjustments and edits. I was determined to finish my book!!

An I did!!! I finalized my book last night and uploaded it to as an ebook!

It is not available right now, BUT you are able to pre-order it!! 

I am so happy and excited about this! I am finally  happy with my finished product and feel really good about it!!

It is a funny and real life book about the dating world! I am in no way an expert when it comes to dating and love! I just thought I would share all of my thoughts and all the things that I have found out by going through real life experiences!

So everybody I bring to you my book!

I hope you all get the opportunity to read it and I hope you enjoy it! 
But be nice people it's my first book!!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Saying Goodbye To Louisville!!

After being in Louisville for almost two years I have made a life here, I have made new friends! It was very hard saying goodbye to those friends. So here is a fun little tribute to all my Louisville peeps!

The Ohio River!! Ohh how I will miss you! I loved walking the Big Four Bridge, also taking the kiddos to Waterfront Park! Being down there was such a sight. It's so peaceful and relaxing!

I willl miss going to Chipotle for Ashley and I....when I first moved to Louisville they didnt even have a Chipotle! I still remember the first day they opened downtown Louisville, Ash and I use to drive downtown just to get Chipotle! Now I will just have to eat it for the both of us!

I will miss Deam Lake very much! That was the closest thing to paradise that I had in Louisville. My little getaway area! I would take Lyss there and just relax on the beach! I loved it!!!

All the friends I made while working in Louisville, I will cherish those friendships forever!!

Not only did I get to spend tons of time with my neices and nephews, Lyss and I both made new friends! 

As much as I loved being in Louisville, moving back to Ohio starts a new chapter in my life! Connecting with old friends and spending time with my family will be great! So let's do this thing ya'll!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ohio Bound!

So after being in Louisville for almost two years, I have decided to make the move back home to Ohio! 

I have a big plan int he works and most people think Im crazy but some of them actually get it and understand. I recently went to San Diego on vacation. It was such a dream! I made it my mission and goal in life to end up there. 

So I moved back home to save up money and get all my financials in order so maybe after a year or so I will be able to make my goal a reality. Now people say Im crazy for wanting to move out to California but I dont care, it is amazing out there and I was so happy and in love with the place and the poeple!

Plus, if I move out there and it doesnt work out I will just move back home! Thats the thing about being single you can pretty much just wing it and do whatever! Alyssa loves and trusts me, so wherever I go she is right there beside me! 

But, Alyssa loves being back home in Ohio, we are close to our old friends and all of our family! I haven't seen her this happy and free in awhile! I think we both are just enjoying it so much! 

I got a great job working downtown Columbus and working third shift, so I will be able to spend more time with Alyssa. It just seems like everything is finally coming together! We are really excited about our move and right now are just in total awe of everything! 

It has been kind of like a vacation because I havent been working, so as I start my new job tomorrow and Alyssa starts school in a couple weeks we will see how our new normal plays out! Hope for the best and see how it goes!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Back!!

So I have taken quite a break from blogging but, only because I have lost motivation! I felt so much pressure to write about being a single mother and taking care of Alyssa! I just felt like a needed something a little more light!

Enough with the heavy.....something fun and casual something that I would just feel good writing about and writing about whatever, whenever seems more doable for me right now!! So after a new branding (I guess you can say) I'm Back!!

Ashley took a short break from blogging as well and she told me the other day it felt so good for her to blog, and it just made me feel like maybe I shouldn't give up on blogging but just blog in a different way! Here we go! I am going to use this as a free mind just writing about whatever is on my mind, no real structure. I dont want to feel pressured into writing about specific things! I want to think inside and outside of the box!! I want to feel peace about writing on my blog.....if that makes any sense to you all!

So an update for everybody.....Alyssa just turned 4 years old on the 16th! Alyssa got to spend a week with my mother. Honestly, she wants to spend more time with her "MawMaw"  than she does me, her mommy! But, this time I let it slide, because my bestie and I went on a little girls getaway for our bithdays to San Diego, CA!!

I have never been on the west coast before, and honestly it was such a dream come true! I have actually made it my goal to move there!! I have never felt so at ease, so peaceful, so free in my whole life!! I was just happy ya'll! 

It was a different happy too, it wasn't like my coworkers sang Happy Birthday to me happy, or gave birth to Alyssa happy, it was like a freedom happy! Like nothing could hold me back or push me down kind of happy....if that makes any sense! Maybe it was just a vacation high, regardless it seemed like everybody was that way. The sun shines so much there it's like everybody is high from the sunlight! It is an amazing city, with amazing people, that gives you an amazing feeling!! I LOVE IT!! 

So in order to make my goal a reality I am going to move back home to Columbus, Ohio to try and save up as much money as I can so hopefully within the next year Alyssa and I will be headed out west!! 

Now, I will say that this is my goal for now, but you never know what the future holds, so we will see where life takes us!! Wherever it takes us you all know I will have a story to tell, so keep up with me ya'll and I will keep you posted!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ive Been Away

Sometimes I just look at an empty post trying to think of what to write about. I think thats called writers block or something. 
There has been so much going on in my life and I dont want to write all these pathetic blog posts about how miserble I am because that would be annoying for my audience to read. 
But on the other hand I dont want to write about all the cool stuff I got for Christmas or the cool stuff Alyssa and I have been up to. I think that would be a bit selfish and I dont want people to think Im bragging. 

The thing is when your a writer its hard because you really have to watch what you post. I would be very saddened if I offended my audience and lost people becuse of what I was posting about. 

The whole reason I started this blog was to write down my thoughts and if other people were thinking the same tings we could bounce off each other for support and advice. When you have a blog you are sharing your life with the world. Thats why its so hard to choose what to publish and what to delete. Thats what Im struggling with.....I dot think Im the most interesting person in the world so some days I just dont know what to write or what you all would like to read.......its a tough decision. 

I will return shortly with some great posts I promise!! 

For those of you that are following my weight loss adventure stay tuned!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013


**Warning you will need tissues**

My sister Ashley has been struggling with infertility since early 2009. Ashley and her husband Michael decided to get licensed to foster and April of last year their lives were changed forever! 
After only being licensed for about a week they got the phone call of their lives!! Four children needed a home and fast! I still remember this day! 
You can catch up here!
That post marked the very beginning of this journey, that not only changed Ashley & Michael's lives but mine as well!

Ashley wrote a book about all of her struggles through infertility if you are interested you can see that here!
Ashley has been blogging through these journeys, she started this blog "Putting God First Place" before she started fostering, she wrote on this blog for years! After getting her very first placement she started a new blog that would be more fitting to her "Fostering Love At Home" this blog really takes you through this journey of fostering!

These past 19 months have been amazing! 
Instead of remembering the day they met the kids, they will now remember the day that they became a family! Although they have been a family this entire time, it is now official!!
They are Adopted!!!

No more waiting, no more uncertainties, they are going to be a family forever!!
What more could we ask for??

November 23 was National Adoption Day and since my sister and brother in laws story is so touching in many ways, they were featured on the local news here in Kentucky! It is so awesome that a story like this got some local coverage! You can see that segment here!
 I hope that it opens people's eyes to fostering children and even to adopting within our country!

Going through this process with my sister and brother in law has just opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I would just hate for people in our community to be close minded when it comes to these children!
Friday afternoon, the news crew told my sister and brother in law that they were such a blessing to these children my sister instantly replied with, "No, these children are a blessing to us!" 
These children are good children that deserve nothing but the best and to know that my family is doing that for them is the best feeling in the world!! To see the smiles on these kids faces every morning and to know that we have made such an impact in their lives is so amazing to me!!
I feel very blessed to have been involved in this journey, these children are so special each in their own way and I am the lucky one that gets to be called their Aunt!

Congratulations to the happy family!!! 
Officially "The Wells" Family!!