Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ive Been Away

Sometimes I just look at an empty post trying to think of what to write about. I think thats called writers block or something. 
There has been so much going on in my life and I dont want to write all these pathetic blog posts about how miserble I am because that would be annoying for my audience to read. 
But on the other hand I dont want to write about all the cool stuff I got for Christmas or the cool stuff Alyssa and I have been up to. I think that would be a bit selfish and I dont want people to think Im bragging. 

The thing is when your a writer its hard because you really have to watch what you post. I would be very saddened if I offended my audience and lost people becuse of what I was posting about. 

The whole reason I started this blog was to write down my thoughts and if other people were thinking the same tings we could bounce off each other for support and advice. When you have a blog you are sharing your life with the world. Thats why its so hard to choose what to publish and what to delete. Thats what Im struggling with.....I dot think Im the most interesting person in the world so some days I just dont know what to write or what you all would like to read.......its a tough decision. 

I will return shortly with some great posts I promise!! 

For those of you that are following my weight loss adventure stay tuned!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013


**Warning you will need tissues**

My sister Ashley has been struggling with infertility since early 2009. Ashley and her husband Michael decided to get licensed to foster and April of last year their lives were changed forever! 
After only being licensed for about a week they got the phone call of their lives!! Four children needed a home and fast! I still remember this day! 
You can catch up here!
That post marked the very beginning of this journey, that not only changed Ashley & Michael's lives but mine as well!

Ashley wrote a book about all of her struggles through infertility if you are interested you can see that here!
Ashley has been blogging through these journeys, she started this blog "Putting God First Place" before she started fostering, she wrote on this blog for years! After getting her very first placement she started a new blog that would be more fitting to her "Fostering Love At Home" this blog really takes you through this journey of fostering!

These past 19 months have been amazing! 
Instead of remembering the day they met the kids, they will now remember the day that they became a family! Although they have been a family this entire time, it is now official!!
They are Adopted!!!

No more waiting, no more uncertainties, they are going to be a family forever!!
What more could we ask for??

November 23 was National Adoption Day and since my sister and brother in laws story is so touching in many ways, they were featured on the local news here in Kentucky! It is so awesome that a story like this got some local coverage! You can see that segment here!
 I hope that it opens people's eyes to fostering children and even to adopting within our country!

Going through this process with my sister and brother in law has just opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I would just hate for people in our community to be close minded when it comes to these children!
Friday afternoon, the news crew told my sister and brother in law that they were such a blessing to these children my sister instantly replied with, "No, these children are a blessing to us!" 
These children are good children that deserve nothing but the best and to know that my family is doing that for them is the best feeling in the world!! To see the smiles on these kids faces every morning and to know that we have made such an impact in their lives is so amazing to me!!
I feel very blessed to have been involved in this journey, these children are so special each in their own way and I am the lucky one that gets to be called their Aunt!

Congratulations to the happy family!!! 
Officially "The Wells" Family!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's Over

Well my 31 day Challenge is over and you know I am definitely enjoying that load being lifted off my shoulders! At the end I was struggling so bad, with my leg being messed up and with writing everyday! I fell behind many times but always wrote a post!
I decided to buy the Grey Dress from my StitchFix and ladies it looks great on me!! I am just loving it! 

Here is a picture of me all dressed up and 4lbs lighter!!!

I absolutely love this dress I tried mix matching it with other scarfs to add more color and it works with pretty much any color!! I love it!!
I feel really great too, I feel like I get full faster which may just be my mind telling to stop eating because I have been working on my portion control!
All in all I just feel really great, I am even noticing a little change in my stomach and it has given me a new found burst of confidence!! It has given me a purpose and motivation to keep going!
Plus my friend is getting married in May and I'm a bridesmaid!!!
I will still be working out and watching my diet until then to make sure I am looking good walking down that aisle!! I will be updating weekly about my progress, exercises and weight loss! 
Please continue to go down this journey with me!!

Never give up!! It's easier to keep going then to keep starting over!!!

Pre-School Fun

Alyssa got accepted into Pre-School it was a shock because school had already started and was actually 4 weeks in when we got the phone call. I met with her teacher, got her enrolled and all ready to go!
Thankfully, her school is being very flexible, so when my work schedule is crazy I still get to spend time with Alyssa!
Alyssa is loving school! She rides the bus to school and gets to play with all of her new friends, and she absolutely loves her teacher!!
Most days I go pick her up and spend time with her before I go to work but sometimes she rides the bus home! I am so proud of her and super excited at how much she is enjoying it!!
I went to Once Upon A Child and got her a bunch of super cute clothes to wear! I'm telling you this little girl as cuter clothes than I do! 
About 90% she looks more put together and stylish than me!!
Here are some pictures of her awesome outfits for school!! I will live vicariously through her!  :)

Alyssa's 1st Day of Pre-School!

Alyssa Riding the Bus!!

A couple different outfits that she wore since school started!

An some more....

She is adorable I love her so much! I am very blessed to be able to buy her clothes and super blessed that she can pretty much pull off anything!! 
Stylish toddler coming at ya!!

Are your children more stylish than you? 
Do you wish you could wear/pull off your child's style??

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 31- Stitch Fix Time

This worked out perfectly!

I weighed myself this morning and weighed exactly 188.2 which is....
 -4.0lbs since Oct. 1st

You can loose weight and I am living proof! 
You don't have to hit the gym everyday and you don't have to workout like a maniac, I used simple and easy techniques both in and out of my home and look at me I lost 4lbs in 1 month!!

This deserves some celebration!!
It's Stitch Fix time ladies!!

For those of you that don't know what Stitch Fix is, here is a little intro.....Stitch Fix is a company that sends you 5 items in the mail, based on a style profile you make on there website. You get to try on the items in the privacy of your own home and then decide if you want to buy them or send them back! 
It is a little pricey but it is tons of fun and I love it! It is so convenient so all you mommas out there that don't have a lot of time!! I would suggest trying it at least once!

So here it goes......

Option #1
This is a charcoal gray sweater dress! I really love this dress it is a tad bit too short for me though!

Option #2
This green shirt is so cute I love how it layers in the front. The fabric is super soft and comfy I just don't know if I could wear it daily its a bit dressy!

Option #3
Not a fan of this sweater! My sister called it the "Rachel Berry" sweater hehe! No thanks!

Option #4
I kinda love this shirt! I loved it more before I looked at this picture, it doesn't really compliment me as much as I felt like it did! But still a cute shirt!

Option #5
This vest is cute, it was kinda heavy feeling though! 
It was a bit snug when zipped up but I do really like it!

I have actually not decided what I am keeping yet, I don't think this stitch fix showed my personality or style so its a very tough decision! 
What do you all think? What should I keep and what should I send back??

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30- Sit-up Challenge

Today I focused on doing sit ups!
I was super lazy all day until nobody was home then I decided to do some work!!

I started off with 50 sit-ups, I then tried to do some planks, and squats.
I did a couple planks but then my leg started hurting, but I did a good amount of squats!

I am going to do better tomorrow...promise!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 29- The Final Countdown

As I wrote the title for this blog I was singing it in my head!!
I feel like I'm in the home stretch. 
Its game time, push yourself, for this last week make it count ladies!!

My victory of losing 3.8lbs has got me amped up and ready to take on the world however my leg is still hurting!
This morning Alyssa fell on my legs and I gasped in pain! After that, I could barely walk up the stairs! I am not sure what is going on but it hurts!  :/

Instead of me just sitting around the house saying my leg hurts, I am going to try and do more ab workouts that way I'm resting my leg but still working out!!

Come on ladies Week 5 here we come!!!